Home Remedies For Treating Cold Sores – Four Effective Relief Methods

Are you searching for home treatment for cold home treatment for cold sores? Cold sores, also known as herpes labialis, occur more often in women than in men and are caused by an outbreak of the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). When the virus returns to the skin, it can produce a blister on the area where it was opened. Cold sores are not life threatening but can be very painful and can be accompanied by fever, swollen lymph nodes, and pain when urinating or during sexual intercourse.

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Cold sores are often treated using home remedies. One such treatment is applying ice to the area of the blister. This ice is wrapped in a piece of gauze or a bandage and is applied directly to the sore. A cold sore should be treated with caution as the herpes virus can be spread by contact with the fluid from the blister.

Another home remedy treatment is to apply tea bags to the cold sores. Tea bags are filled with hot water and have a flavored type of tea such as green or chamomile. Drinking several cups of this flavored tea may help relieve symptoms such as fever blisters. It is important to remember that tea bags do not contain caffeine which is a source of relief for fever blisters. Applying the tea bags directly to the sore is the best way to get relief.

A third home remedy treatment for cold sores is to apply petroleum jelly. petroleum jelly is similar to the texture of baby oil and can be applied to the affected area three times a day. Be sure to not get the petroleum jelly on your eyes because it will cause stinging. Applying the petroleum jelly to the sores and removing it after 30 minutes will provide maximum benefit.

A fourth home treatment for fever blisters is to take an onion, slice it in half and cover the inside of the onion with salt. This will cause the fever blister to turn red and reduce pain and burning sensation. This is another great remedy to use if you are a person who is prone to fever. The onion will also provide the needed sulfur which helps heal the blisters when they are first forming.

Using these four home remedies will not cure the cold sore, but they will provide relief from the pain, itching, burning and irritation that comes along with fever blisters. These four home remedies will all work together to shorten the duration of the fever blisters. These four remedies will also shorten the amount of time the blisters remain active. If you choose to use these four remedies when treating your cold sore, you will find that the pain will be reduced, the burning will be eliminated, the itching will be gone and the blister will last for less time.

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